mission statement

Helping trainers make a difference for their clients through kind, pragmatic, and effective training.

our focus

The goal of FDSA PPP is to prepare people to be kind, pragmatic and effective trainers in a range of settings, from group classes to in-home private lessons, or even working in a shelter or rescue situation.

You have an extremely limited amount of time with each client; make it work!

Rather than thinking about dog training as a human with a list of expectations and a dog who’s going to be trained to meet them, we think in terms of two species trying to live together in harmony, with mutual joy in the relationship — if we can communicate that attitude to our clients, then the training will be easy.

How can you contribute to that?

our background

founded in 2019

It’s true! We just got here.

Join us now and help shape our future!

why we created the pet professionals program

PPP came about because Denise Fenzi, founder of the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA), believed there was a need for individuals with a wide range of skills to serve as a resource for the pet dog community.

Not just great dog trainers, or compassionate communicators, or skilled business owners, but people with all of these skills — applied skills, for dogs and communication, and management skills, for clients as well as for classroom situations!

As you look over our catalog, you will notice we have a significant number of courses that are not about the specifics of dog training. They might be about understanding dog behavior, or recognizing and working with the emotional lives of dogs, or even about running your business. That’s because, in order to excel as a professional trainer, you will need all of these things!

Our focus is on developing kind and effective trainers by offering education on a broad range of topics, so you can apply your skills in a variety of situations effectively and with kindness, and eventually develop a reputation that will allow you to thrive as a trainer.

PPP also was designed to have almost no barrier to entry. The $29.95 price tag per workshop allows anyone who wants to improve their skills the opportunity to do so.

You may already be a fantastic dog trainer who simply needs to polish up some skills! If so, join us just for that piece — we’re thrilled to have you!

our foundation

from the team behind FDSA …

The Pet Professionals Program is brought to you by Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA), a well-regarded leader in online education for dog trainers. FDSA offers a combination of “deep dive” six-week classes, webinars and workshops — all online!

FDSA has made a notable difference in the world of dog sports and training by offering effective and affordable educational opportunities. In addition to offering a top-notch education at a reasonable price, FDSA is also well known for its supportive, kind, respectful, and positive online community.

PPP is built on that foundation and seeks to do the same for the pet professionals world. We’d love to have you join us!