You’ve got 6 hours with your client.
Make a difference.

we believe

Trainers can make a difference for their clients through kind, pragmatic, and effective training.

“Dog training is experiencing a revolution — if you want to make a difference, this is the time to become a professional pet dog trainer.

In order to create the biggest impact, we thought it was key to provide an exceptional education at an affordable price.”

— Denise Fenzi, Founder


our program

Our 50+ workshops cover eight core competencies and address the critical skills required to allow you to become an exceptional dog trainer.

You will have the opportunity to learn everything from understanding dog behavior and handling common pet dog problems to managing challenging clients and business marketing for dog professionals — at only $29.95 per workshop!



per workshop


Learn about the key principles behind our program from founder Denise Fenzi.

Use our program as it works best for you.

Take classes “a la carte” — just the classes that best suit your needs.

OR …

Complete our entire core of 50+ workshops from start to finish. Work through the program comfortably in 12-18 months by taking 1-2 workshops per week, with a generous amount of room available for electives, vacations, and unexpected life emergencies. 

See snippets from several of our popular workshops in this preview video.



Each bite-sized learning workshop will provide targeted training for a specific, critical skill.

Plus, explore additional electives to dive deeper into topics of interest.

our core sections


1. The dog-human relationship

Our methodology blends an emotional and behavioral model. We recognize the power of emotions as a driver of both good and problematic behavior, and use that understanding to improve the well-being of the client and their pet.


2. Teach your client to speak dog!

Learn about behavior, body language, and signs of distress in dogs, and how to communicate that information to your clients.


3. The science of behavior

We’ll examine both the science and the applied techniques of behavior change — from understanding learning theory to the practical applications of shaping, luring, and capturing.


4. Foundation training for pet dogs

We care about what your clients care about — coming when called, crating quietly, staying in one place and all the other key skills a good pet dog needs to learn!


5. Addressing common problem behaviors

Learn to prevent and address common behavior problems like counter surfing, door dashing, resource guarding, handling reactivity and aggression and more using positive and effective training techniques.


6. Puppies!

Learn how to structure your puppy classes, manage common puppy behaviors and prevent problems before they have a chance to start.


7. Go teach!

As dog trainers, most of your time will be spent teaching people rather than dogs (the dogs are often the easy part). We cover this topic in depth with more than half a dozen dedicated workshops.


8. Electives: go beyond the basics!

From business and money matters to a deep dive on topics like multi-dog households and leash handling, our electives offer a rich selection for the professional dog trainer.


how it works

Watch a presentation, practice the skill, and then rehearse the new information with a combination of learning quizzes, instructor feedback, and interaction with your classmates.



Pick the workshops you want to work on that week.

We offer up to three workshops each week.




Video presentations are posted on Sundays. 

Each is about 1 hour long. You have all week to watch and give it a try! 



After you’ve watched that week’s lesson, it’s time to get out and do it!

We recommend you video your work; many workshops offer video review! 


Now cement that new information with a combination of learning quizzes, discussion with classmates, and instructor feedback.


available this week

We offer up to 3 workshops each week with video presentations posted on Sunday.

All workshops are purchased and hosted on the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA) website.

Workshops this week!

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