Show Don’t Tell – Games for Teaching Complex Ideas (without Delving into the Science)


Premack, shaping, quadrants, reinforcement strategies, marker words … For most pet owners, all these words sound a bit like gobbledy-gook. But the strategies behind them are powerful — so how do you help them benefit from the methods without understanding the science?

We’ll cover 11 ideas — a mix of games and concepts — that can help pet owners understand the important pieces of training, without long boring explanations. Drop the fancy titles and help them get to training! Games include ideas for helping raise reinforcement, helping them practice in class without the repetition becoming boring, and teaching them to break things down while building up important behaviors … no glazed-over student eyes involved!


This class will consist of games you can play with a group class to build understanding and ideas for explaining complex concepts in ways laypeople understand. Games include working on:

  • Loose-leash walking
  • Convincing people to up their use of reinforcement
  • A method for no-fail proofing
  • Explaining why students shouldn’t move too fast or name a behavior too early
  • Premack, pet style

Scheduled to run

July 2019


Melissa Breau

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