Eve Laforest

Eve Laforest believes that every dog has a precious lesson to teach, if you take the time to learn it.

Her first dog was a Shiba Inu named Tsumo. Raising him wasn’t easy. She made mistakes, and often felt like nothing she was doing was working. Determined to do the very best to her new companion, she read everything she could get her hands (or rather, her keyboard) on. And soon started to experience success. Tsumo made her realize how much there is to training and how rewarding it can be. He also taught her the power of positive reinforcement.

Her second dog was a female Husky mix she adopted from a shelter. Eve wanted to explore dog sports with her new friend. Unfortunately, Koro would not tug, would not retrieve, would not even play! And soon she started to display some anxiety. So…back to reading it was. This time about motivation and behaviour. Koro taught Eve how to help dogs who struggle with their inner demons, and, more importantly, how to take the time needed and be kind.

Her third dog was a wonderful working Border Collie bitch named Helé. “This time”, Eve thought, “it’ll be easy! And we’ll have so much fun training.” She sat in front of her new puppy, clicker in hand, dreaming about all the tricks Helé would soon know. Did she have high expectation? You bet! So naturally, nothing went the way it was supposed to. The puppy started shutting down and they were getting nowhere. Still determined to be the best trainer for her dogs, this time Eve decided to stop trying to apply what she read and let her dog do the teaching. So she threw away her training plan and instead just observed and played. And it worked! Helé taught her how to train differently, how to play, how to celebrate, how to be a better shaper, and, perhaps most importantly, how to let go of expectation.

Her fourth dog (you’re starting to see the pattern here!), was another working Border Collie. Intensity was her middle name. “Yay!”, Eve thought, “A new challenge!” And a challenge she was. Rina charged everyone she met on the street. She resource guarded all the things and, more importantly, she needed someone to teach her the world was safe. Rina taught Eve about arousal, fear, and frustration.

Her fifth dog (Eve really likes her dogs!) was a sweet and kind Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Patient yet drivey. At long last, a dog with no challenges… And yet… Seph still had lessons to teach! He taught Eve about consent and helped her build her knowledge of motivation.

Eve has been professionally training dogs of all breeds and ages to do harness dog sports, agility, disc, ratting sports, and obedience—both online and in person—since 2015. She specializes in sensitive dogs, attention, recalls, and building motivation. She is known for her humour and her compassion, as well as for always adapting her training to the dog in front of her.

Eve’s classes

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