Sara Brueske

Sara began training dogs as a young child. That love grew into a lifelong obsession and a professional career.

While Sara currently focuses primarily on developing sport dog teams, she never forgets that dogs are essential parts of our family. Early in her career, Sara helped families better understand their canine companions and worked with them to teach basic obedience skills, essential manners and help them solve behavioral problems.

As a graduate from the Karen Pryor Academy, creating training plans that fit each household has always been a passion for Sara. Having in-depth experience with both fostering rescue dogs as well raising litters, she is well-versed in the foundation required to have a peaceful home no matter the history behind each individual dog.

Currently, Sara owns 13 dogs, ranging from a tiny papillon to protection-trained Belgian malinois, and has fostered dozens of dogs, placing them in their forever homes. Each dog she works with is an opportunity to continue her hands-on education and find new, creative training solutions to share with others.

Sara’s workshops

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