A Place for Everyone: Multi-Dog Households


Are two dogs (or more) double the fun? Having more than one dog can be a great joy as long as the dogs enjoy each other’s company and are easy to live with. However, having multiple dogs can compound behaviour issues and cause all inhabitants of the household a lot of stress. Caring for multiple dogs under the same roof is a lot like spinning plates – everyone’s needs must be considered and carefully balanced. This workshop will explore how we can help owners who have more than one dog find harmony in their households by understanding their dogs’ social temperaments and how this affects their basic needs for safety, space, and predictability. Building trust between housemates is key to preventing conflict. We will cover which skills are crucially important to teach to help make managing multiples easier.


  • A match made in heaven?
  • Before you add a dog
  • Excitement is contagious
  • Crucial skills for multi-dog homes
  • Safety and personal space
  • Resource management
  • Social skills for dogs and humans (when to intervene)
  • Finding a comfortable solution for everyone: a discussion on separation/rotation/rehoming

Section 8: Electives

Scheduled to run

Feb. 9, 2020


Chelsey Protulipac


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