After Baby! Promoting Safe Parallel Play and Coexistence


This workshop picks up where Before Baby! left off and will explore the topic of dogs and babies successfully coexisting in the same household. You will learn how and when to start removing barriers, how to prevent babies and dogs from being magnetized to each other, and how to promote safe parallel play.

Suggested prerequisites: Before Baby!, Settle and Stay – for the Cafe!, Happy Crating!, Canine Communication – Reading Dog Body Language, Bouncing Off the Walls: Dealing with High-Energy Dog Clients



  • What to train while baby is not mobile
  • Baby is starting to move: how to adapt to the big changes
  • Open gates need open eyes: opportunities for training parallel play and how to talk to baby about limit setting
  • Troubleshooting and management for dogs who are not happy with the baby, multi-dog households, visiting dogs, and visiting babies or toddlers
  • Delicate topics: dog bites, rehoming, referring the case

Section 5: Present and Address Common Problem Behaviors

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Tania Lanfer

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