BECOME the Cookie! How to be Attractive to a Dog


This workshop will teach you new ways to play using toys, food, eyes, hands, energy, laughter, movement and touch!

We’ll look at creative ways to interact with and enjoy our dogs, both one on one and in a class setting. Clients want to interact with their dogs effectively and they need guidance to do it. Learn to help them observe their dogs and choose good reinforcers in the moment, including the use of their own personality! Dogs evolved to enjoy the company of humans; let’s allow that to work for us! This will strengthen the bond during class and at home.


  • Value for toys and for food
  • What is your dog’s communication style?
  • Learning to see and observe
  • Musical toys – strategies for one dog or more
  • Active vs. passive reinforcement loops
  • Play with your food – games and deliveries
  • When and how to use movement
  • Connect with a smile
  • Energy from the eyes
  • Two-way feedback loops
  • Effective touch – how and when and where
  • Using personality – alone or in a group

Section 1: The Dog-Human Relationship

Scheduled to run

January 5, 2020


Julie Daniels

Core Class

Approved IAABC CEUs


Approved CCPDT CEUs