Bouncing Off the Walls: Dealing with High-Energy Dog Clients


When offering pet training services, a frequent scenario and source of frustration among clients is the case of the mismatched dog: the cute puppy who grew up to be way more dog, more energetic and rambunctious, than the family was ever expecting. It doesn’t have to be a disaster! What considerations should we have for these clients (other than sympathy!), how can we deal with frustration, establish fair expectations, and help them come up with strategies that meet their dog’s needs and that are realistic to their lifestyle? We can help them rise to the challenge of caring for a high-energy dog.



  • Defining high energy versus anxious
  • Meeting their needs: balancing physical exercise and mental enrichment
  • What is frustration and how can we cope?
  • Managing a high-energy dog in the home: household problem solving
  • How to establish a habit of settling down (installing the “off switch”)
  • Establishing realistic expectations
  • Common functional training challenges when teaching owners of high-energy dogs
  • Appreciating their strengths: love who they are

Section 8: Electives

Scheduled to run

April 5, 2020


Chelsey Protulipac


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