Canine Communication – Reading Dog Body Language


When people ask me what they need to know to become a dog trainer, I tell them the most important thing is to learn to read canine body language accurately. The subtle things dogs tell us through their body postures help us see if our work is effective or if we need to change things up in order for that particular learner. The dogs will also respond better to you and your training once they understand that you hear what they’re saying and react appropriately. This workshop goes over the basics of what our dogs are telling us, from nose to tail.



  • Look at each body part individually
  • What happens when we put it all together?
  • Look at postures and movements
  • The environment the dog is responding to
  • Common errors clients make in reading their dogs’ body language
  • Troubleshooting

Section 2: Teach Your Clients to Speak Dog

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