Class Formats: Let Me Count the Ways!


The format in which basic pet classes are offered has evolved over the last several years. From the traditional model of 6- or 8-week classes to less traditional models of revolving classes and focused 4-week classes, there are a lot of options available to pet dog trainers depending on their clientele, schedule and available space.

We’ll look at different models of classes, including revolving classes, focused classes, and mini workshops.



  • Orientation week – pros and cons
  • Closed-ended classes – 4, 6 or 8 week
  • Revolving classes – open enrollment
  • One part vs. two part – series classes
  • Class vs. “mini-workshops”
  • By age of dog – or handler!
  • By topic – and what to teach when
  • By skill – Focused classes

Section 7: Go Teach! Strategies, Lesson Plans, and Organization

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On Demand


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