“Come!” Relationship-Strengthening Recall Games


This workshop will provide you with a step-by-step training protocol for the kind of recall your clients are looking for – one that is effective at home, at the dog park, and out on a walk. They want their dogs to come, even when life is messy and they left the treats at home.

Learn how to teach and strengthen recall skills through games that can be played alone as well as in a group setting.

Chrissi’s recall games get the whole family to engage with the dog. While the dog learns to come, your clients learn to read their dogs, to identify reinforcers and challenging situations, and to utilize environmental rewards on the go.

We’ll also talk about setting realistic training goals and finding management solutions for dog/handler teams who aren’t likely to reach recall reliability.


  • Training steps for a reliable recall
  • Recall games
  • Homework assignments: get them to practice!
  • Recall games as a vehicle to improve the client/dog relationship and the client’s dog competence
  • Cookies vs. environmental rewards

Section 4: Foundation Training for Pet Dogs

Scheduled to run

March 8, 2020


Chrissi Schranz

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