Dog Play – Fight or Frolic?


Dogs play using their mouths and teeth. This can look frightening to those of us who aren’t used to seeing this, and can cause concern to our clients. How do we decide out what is OK and what needs to be interrupted? And how and when do we interrupt? What is a “consent test” and how do we implement this concept? Which dogs are safe to introduce to new dogs or puppies, and how should we do this? What should we do if things start to go wrong?

Students will upload video of their own dogs playing, meeting others, and/or dogs interacting in a public setting (dog park or daycare). We will focus on identifying their play styles, troubleshooting introductions, and learning when to interrupt and when to let dogs communicate with one another.



  • Identify different types of dog play
  • How and when do dogs need help from us?
  • Benefits of healthy dog play
  • Introducing dogs to one another safely

Section 2: Teach Your Clients to Speak Dog

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