Dogs on Leashes: Relaxed, Not Reactive!


This workshop will give trainers an overview of how to coach their students on handling their puppies and dogs around other dogs on leash, with the goal that the dog remains relaxed and does not become reactive. It will give trainers simple tips to pass on to clients on handling a dog when s/he does react non-optimally to another dog. Guidelines for referring to a specialist also will be provided.


  • Tips to prevent leash reactivity from developing in your clients’ dogs
  • What to say to clients if/when the dog does have a reactive incident
  • When to work with the client on your own and when to refer to a more specialized trainer

Section 5: Present and Address Common Problem Behaviors

Scheduled to run

March 1, 2020


Amanda Boyd

Core Class

Approved IAABC CEUs


Approved CCPDT CEUs