Cars, Cats, and Kangaroos … Don’t Chase That!


What do the car-stalking border collie, the pup who terrorizes the family cat, and the critter-hunting hound have in common? Less than you’d think! The chasing issues you are going to encounter in your work with your clients are as diverse as their solutions. This workshop looks at common temptations as well as different training and management approaches for dealing with dogs who like to chase.


  • Don’t chase that: cars/bikes/joggers, household members (kids/cats), and other animals (dogs/critters)
  • Evaluating your client’s problem and choosing an appropriate training or management approach
  • Approaches for your training toolbox:
    • Recall away from the temptation
    • Calmly walk past the temptation
    • Relax in the vicinity of the temptation
    • Chasing prevention through management

Section 5: Present and Address Common Problem Behaviors

Scheduled to run

April 26, 2020


Chrissi Schranz

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