Double Dog Manners: Tips for Working with Multiple Dogs at Once


This workshop will give trainers tips regarding how to work with multi-dog families with an emphasis that skills must be taught to each dog independently before they can be successful working together. You will learn to teach skills individually; how to occupy another dog while doing this; how to teach the non-working dog to relax while you work with the second dog; how to safely use toys, food and other rewards to prevent resource guarding; how to work with both dogs at once; how to address popular challenges; ideas for multi-dog tricks; and the benefits of spending time with each dog individually.



  • Teaching a default down stay on mat with or without training tether to each dog individually; managing other dog while doing this
  • Training one dog, but also reinforcing other dog for calm behavior
  • Safe treat delivery mechanics; sharing toys and bones (or not!); household management tips
  • Going back to the beginning with each skill, adding in the other dog
  • Tips for each of these topics; video examples (based primarily on Patricia McConnell’s “Feeling Outnumbered”)
  • Fun tricks for both dogs at once
  • It’s important to also spend time with your dogs one-on-one, and why

Section 8: Electives

Scheduled to run

April 19, 2020


Amanda Boyd


Approved IAABC CEUs


Approved CCPDT CEUs