Happy Crating!


Crate training can be an excellent management solution for pet dogs. A dog who is happy in a crate travels easily, doesn’t have to be trained perfectly when guests are over, and will have less distress if she is left at the vet’s office or in a boarding kennel. These are normal parts of our client dogs’ lives that we should prepare them better for. The old “cry it out” adage is outdated, and more aversive techniques like bark collars and spray bottles are too. Learn how to help your clients’ dogs truly crate happily through this course that discusses techniques, tips, and tricks for achieving the happiest craters around. There is even a troubleshooting section for the most difficult craters!


  • Set yourself up for success: a satiated dog crates best
  • Crate arrangements that work: blankets, snuffle mats, and Adele on vinyl
  • Games to improve crate feelings: story time, mommy’s busy, and the goods are inside
  • Avoiding food dependence
  • Paying attention to behaviors (calm dogs are released)
  • Desensitization’s role
  • Troubleshooting common issues

Section 4: Foundation Training for Pet Dogs

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Feb. 23, 2020


Sarah Stremming

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