“Help! I’ve Got the Wrong Dog!” Bridging the Gap between Client Expectations and Dog Realities


In this workshop, you will learn to assess and assist students who seem to have ended up with the “wrong” dog for them. You will receive tips on handling challenging combinations of dogs and families, as well as how to adjust your approach to accommodate the unique student/dog duo in front of you. Most importantly, you will learn ways to help your client fall in love with their very unique dog and invest the time it takes to reinforce desired behaviors and create a stronger relationship.


  • How to gauge the level and areas of mismatch
  • Ideas for keeping the client focused on the positive
  • Honest assessment of both parties’ needs
  • Tips for bridging the gap between expectation and reality
  • When to discuss re-homing and/or other options

Section 1: The Dog-Human Relationship

Scheduled to run

May 31, 2020


Amanda Boyd

Core Class

Approved IAABC CEUs


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