Hounds in the House! Working with Clients to Develop Appropriate Indoor Manners


This workshop will give an overview of how to help your clients set their dogs up for success in the house. Focus will be on general good manners and appropriate choices re: where to go potty, what to chew, how to relax and other common issues.

You will learn how to help your clients prevent their dogs from “getting it wrong” indoors, options for confinement/management indoors that work for each individual client, what behaviors are desired by your client and how to help them reward appropriate choices, and their influences on dog “problem” behaviors at home.



  • Go slowly at first, give very little freedom  
  • Crate, tethered to object, keeping on leash, mat
  • Interrupt, capture, and stash!
  • Manage what you don’t train

Section 5: Present and Address Common Problem Behaviors

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Amanda Boyd

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