Housetraining for the Hard Cases


Housetraining can be hard! We all want our dogs to learn, as quickly as possible, where they should go when nature calls. Sometimes this process goes fairly smoothly, and in other cases it can seem like an impossible task. Owners often underestimate the time and dedication it can take to sufficiently housetrain a puppy. And when problems persist or develop in adulthood, they may be at a loss as to how to proceed. In this workshop, we will consider why housetraining can be so difficult and what we can do to help owners get a handle on this issue.

Learning objectives: to understand the variety of reasons why housetraining issues develop and persist, to consider a wide variety of management options, and to highlight possible training solutions for this issue.



  • An overview of the problem  
  • Health issues
  • Management
  • Training

Section 8: Electives

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