It Was So Nice to Meet You: Calm Greetings for Dogs and People


Over-the-top and out-of-control greetings are high on the list of concerns for pet dog owners and, due to its sometimes frequent rehearsal, the behavior can be a tricky one to solve. In this workshop, we will work out management solutions, alternative behaviors, and reinforcement strategies to help your clients get four on the floor, fast! We will also talk smart prevention, for starting puppies out right! Help your clients rescue their guests, manage their dog’s behavior, and change their reactions to meeting new people and dogs while out and about.


  • Assessing the severity and implementing management
  • Important behaviors to train before tackling the jumping
  • Different types of greetings with different appropriate behaviors
  • Understanding over-the-top greetings, and teaching a new concept to inappropriate greeters
  • The hyper-social label
  • Training desired greeting behavior
  • Leashed dog to dog meetings
  • Wrap up and recap

Section 5: Present and Address Common Problem Behaviors

Scheduled to run

Nov. 10, 2019


Casey Coughlin

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