Keeping Safe – How to Handle Aggression Cases


This workshop will lay a roadmap for trainers to safely handle aggression cases, from how to identify whether the case is right for you to keeping records of the training sessions. We will explore some dog body language and how best to identify when a dog is about to bite as well as how to avoid getting bitten. What do we do if we get bitten? Who is responsible for medical treatment and is it your fault if the dog does not make progress? We will discuss how to plan ahead to ensure everyone involved is safe. This course also will take a look at how to avoid incriminating yourself should something go wrong.


  • Pre-case: consult process
    • Contracts
    • Referring out
    • Scheduling considerations
    • Client instructions
    • Proper working equipment for dog
    • Protective equipment for trainer
    • First-aid kit
  • During case: management
    • Client instruction
    • Communication
    • Safe handling
    • Technique evaluation
    • Feeling stuck
    • Record/progress keeping
  • Post-case: managing client expectations
    • Client follow-up and care
    • Phrases to avoid

Section 8: Electives

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Jamie and Michael Badial


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