Next Level Training: Advancing Distractions


Your students have finished your foundation level class and want more! This workshop will cover concepts you can teach that are both fun to train and that will help your students increase the reliability of their foundation skills. We want our students to feel confident they can train their dogs to have robust skills that will stand up to distractions in the real world. Those distractions might include other people, other dogs, tasty things, smelly things, and shiny things. Learn how to teach your clients to take their training to the next level and to help their dogs make great decisions.


  • A brief overview of zen
  • Amazing choices being made everywhere (helping owners see brilliance)
  • Upping the ante: how to increase difficulty without worry
  • Handling mistakes
  • Advancement of people distractions (step by step approach)
  • Advancement of dog distractions
  • Advancement of attractive novel item distractions
  • Adding behaviours to distractions
  • An overview of what to cover in a 6-week class applying these concepts

Section 8: Electives

Scheduled to run

Dec. 22, 2019


Chelsey Protulipac


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