Preventing Common Life Stressors in the Dog


We would all like to think dogs live stress-free lives, but very often that ideal is far from the truth. A pet dog’s life is controlled at every turn, with social time, outdoor time, feeding time, access to play and exploration, and who they live with and how they’re trained all being determined by their human family. While some dogs handle life just fine, others do have predictable stress from the way their natural behavior is dealt with. The good news is that we can predict the areas that are most likely to cause stress for dogs and prevent them from being so with a little forethought! In this workshop we’ll cover five areas that can be potentially stressful for dogs as they live in the human world, and you’ll learn strategies for teaching clients how to navigate those rough spots!


  • Dealing with new environments – how to help your dog be comfortable in new places, both for socializing and for training
  • Meeting new people – how to greet without over-arousal and social pressure, while maintaining manners and respecting choice
  • Meeting new dogs – how to greet dogs without over-arousal and social pressure, maintaining manners and respecting choice
  • Being prevented from getting what they want – teaching clients to prevent frustration problems in their dogs by thinking proactively and staying ahead
  • Interacting with people without conflict – how to teach clients to interact in healthy social ways with their dogs, avoiding over-indulgence as well as authoritarian approaches. Structure without frustration!

Section 1: The Dog-Human Relationship

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Feb. 2, 2020


Amy Cook PhD

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