The Laws and Training Guidelines for Public Access Work of Service Dogs


The service dog world is a huge industry with a wide range of assistance dogs and required skills. Some individuals choose to get dogs from organizations, but there are many who cannot get a dog from an organization but still want the help of an assistance dog.  

In some cases, the client already has a dog assisting them in their home and they now want to take the dog’s training to the next level.  And in other cases, the client wants help in selecting a new service dog prospect.

Because few organizations will work with what are often called “owner trained” teams, these individuals often seek out the help of local trainers to help guide their training. Many trainers shy away from taking on these clients for fear of not knowing the legal requirements for service dogs.

This workshop will cover what the laws are and what type of public access training you should be emphasizing. This workshop will not go into task training for specific disabilities.   



  • Dogs in training vs. completed training
  • Certification?
  • State laws vs. federal laws
  • Housing, airports, public facilities, and private property
  • Service dogs vs. emotional support dogs vs. therapy dogs
  • What are the rights of businesses?
  • Preparing the client to deal with the public
  • Assistance Dogs International (ADI) public access test
  • Common service dog skills for easier management in public
  • What signs should you look for to determine whether a dog is a good fit for work in public?

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