Settle and Stay – for the Cafe!


One of the most useful behaviors to teach our canine companions is how to settle and stay on a mat. This workshop will explain how to train and proof mat stays for real-life use so you and your clients can go out into the world and do things … together! Will your dog stay while you eat your lunch? When another dog walks by? When you refill your plate? This workshop will teach you how to attain these goals, and how to communicate these skills to your clients!


  • Why teach this?
  • Go to mat – teaching the initial behavior
  • Cue and release cue
  • Multiple reward pattern
  • Increasing duration
  • Introducing distractions
  • Taking it on the road
  • Encouraging relaxation

Section 4: Foundation Training for Pet Dogs

Scheduled to run

Feb. 9, 2020


Sara Brueske

Core Class

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