Shaping, Capturing and Luring! Oh My! Ways to Get Behavior


Behavior is happening all the time. The key to training behavior is knowing how to create and recognize desirable behavior and then reinforce it so the dog wants to continue to do it! This workshop will explain the different ways to get and increase desirable behavior, how and when to use markers and how to add cues to behaviors. We’ll also discuss the use, benefits and drawbacks of the different methods when applied by pet owners.

Suggested FDSA courses for more comprehensive learning: FE210 Shaping; FE135 Shaping Demystified; FE340 Beyond the Basics: Shaping Advanced Skills; RA560 Shape Up! Improving and Maintaining Your Shaping Skills; FE155 Crucial Concepts for Competition: Shaping, Luring, Capturing and More!; FE440 Shaping Games: Clean Mechanics and Clean Observations; EL110 Beyond the Click: Adventures in +R2.0; BH250 Creativity with Cue Concepts


  • Explanations and applications for the professional and for the layman
  • Luring – most common form of R+ training for pet owners
  • Shaping – small pieces for big results
  • Capturing – desirable behavior is happening all the time!
  • But wait! There’s more! Other ways to get behavior
  • Cues

Section 3: The Science (and Techniques) of Behavior Change

Scheduled to run

January 5, 2020


Julie Flanery

Core Class

Approved IAABC CEUs


Approved CCPDT CEUs

2.5 for trainers and 1 for behavior consultants