Socialization: One Size Does Not Fit All


Socialization is a buzz word in the dog community that places extreme emphasis on a critical window of time in which a puppy should be exposed to many new and different things to ensure proper social development. But quality socialization is not as easy as attending a puppy playgroup or feeding your puppy every time she crosses paths with a child; it takes an individual approach to successfully and thoughtfully raise a puppy to be confident in the human world. In this workshop, we will take a look at the history of socialization, examine the ramifications it has had on our community of dogs, and look to where we should go in the future for puppy raising and socializing.



  • Classic protocols and the history of socialization
  • Developmental milestones and fear periods
  • Habituation not socialization
  • What we are looking for
  • Adventures
  • Managing interactions while also allowing your puppy to develop social skills
  • Wrap up and recaps!

Section 6: Specific to Puppies!

Scheduled to run

March 15, 2020


Casey Coughlin

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