Get On and Stay: Station Training Made Easy


Sitting on things may seem like a simple behavior, but teaching dogs to station can provide clients with some of the best options for alternative behaviors, quick management solutions, and clear communication. In this workshop, we will work from the ground up, from teaching a dog to quickly and happily sit on a platform to performing the behavior under heavy distractions. We will talk generalization, customizing behaviors with the client’s home in mind, and we will discuss sustainable reinforcement strategies so these behaviors stick around for a long time. Take an in-depth look into the behavior that should be the cornerstone of every client’s training education. This workshop will focus on using stationing for in-home behaviors.


  • Stationing defined
  • Quickest and clearest ways to teach a reliable station
  • Layers of understanding
  • Take it on the road
  • Wrap ups and Recaps!

Section 4: Foundation Training for Pet Dogs

Scheduled to run

April 19, 2020


Casey Coughlin

Core Class

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