Surviving the 9-5: Real Solutions and Prevention Strategies for Clients with a Work Week


Leaving dogs home during a 40-hour work week is a fact of life for the average client, and living within that schedule is the driving force behind most of the common behavioral concerns a family calls a professional to remedy. In this workshop, you will learn how to address client concerns, add a strategic enrichment program, and successfully manage both client expectations and dog behavior to work to find a happy medium between busy reality and dog needs. We will talk puppy raising, common behavioral challenges, effective exercise, and management, all while keeping the needs of the entire family in mind. Learn how to navigate this tricky situation to improve household dynamics quickly to help dogs thrive during the 9 to 5.


  • The problem with staying home all day
  • Let’s start from the beginning
  • Stay awake: enrichment activities for before, during, and after separation
  • Move it or lose it
  • Human routines
  • Common trouble shooting
  • Wrap up and recap

Section 8: Electives

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