The Developmental Stages of Puppies


Everyone knows puppies are cute. I mean, how much trouble can they be with such a cute face? People think they’ll train them to be clean and stop puppy-biting and then everything will be peachy. Easy, right? Or so they think.

Raising puppies is much more than socializing them, teaching them to potty outside, preventing them from biting you and chewing everything. Clients often confuse puppies for miniature adult dogs that are just a bit more leaky. Puppies are actually far more complex and, just like small human beings, they need to be treated like puppies rather than their adult counterparts.

In this workshop, we’ll talk about the development stages of young dogs, from puppyhood to fully mature. We’ll go beyond mouthing and basic manners to see what we should expect at what age and what to focus on. Why is your client’s 7-month-old dog suddenly destructive and barky? Why is your own 10-month puppy, who had an amazing recall and obedience skills, now deaf to all your cues? Why is the angelic puppy you had in your classes in puppy kindergarten suddenly impatient toward other dogs at 2 years old, even though she was properly socialized?

To guide your clients effectively, you need to understand what is going on with their dog’s brain and body. And that’s what I’m here to teach you!



  • Hey! I’m Eve – a little bit about me and my dogs
  • What will we discuss and what is the goal
  • Why are the time periods overlapping?
  • “So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! But so leaky” 8 weeks to 3 months – the tiny puppy
  • Is there a best time to come home?
  • “Listen!” Short attention span and learning opportunities
  • Coordination and physical development
  • “Is it a puppy or an alligator?” 4 to 5 months – the teething period
  • “Look at my perfect puppy!” 4.5 to 6 months old – the angel period
  • “Help! Why did I want a dog again …?” 5 months old to 1.5 year old – the teens from hell
  • Why are teen dogs so troublesome?
  • “MOM!!! You never let me do what I want” Frustration, fear, short temper and prey drive, mental and emotional development of the teen dogs
  • Energy and more coordination, physical development and more teething
  • “S’up, ladies!” Sexual maturity in teen puppies
  • “But he never did that before … ” 2 to 3 years old – reactivity and aggression in later development
  • Dealing with new problems
  • The adult dog

Section 8: Electives

Scheduled to run

March 22, 2020


Eve Laforest


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