The Less-Obvious Signs of Stress: Beyond Body Language


All animals experience stress, and dogs are no exception. Knowing when a dog is feeling pressured, scared, upset, or anxious is an important part of being their caretaker and teacher, and both you and your clients need to know when a dog is in a good emotional place for learning and when they aren’t! Dogs show how they’re feeling through their body language, but it’s not the only way! Their emotions also can show in their active behavior! In this workshop, we’ll look at the common signs of stress in dog body language, but then we’ll go deeper into common behavior changes that you can also teach your clients to be on the lookout for, and so that you know when to take breaks or make lessons a lot more fun! To relieve stress you need to be able to identify it!


  • Signs of stress in dog body language
  • Signs of stress in food-taking behavior
  • Signs of stress in toy play
  • Signs of stress in changes in known cued behaviors
  • Signs of stress in social connection

Section 2: Teach Your Clients to Speak Dog

Scheduled to run

Jan. 26, 2020


Amy Cook PhD

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4 for trainers, 1 for behavior consultants