Handling Difficult Communications with Clients


“I love dogs but their owners sometimes … Uugghhh!!! The problem isn’t their dog … it’s THEM!!!”

As dog trainers, we take a lot of pride in how well we communicate with our four-legged protégés … but when it comes to their human owners, we sometimes feel like we’re not quite sure how to handle them.

Sometimes, a dog trainer might feel like their human clients seem to want a magical solution that will instantly fix all their problems while absolutely refusing to change a thing. When they try to explain something sensitive to their clients, the humans simply don’t seem to “get” it. Running your business might be even worse; your customers never want to commit, they negotiate your prices, you have to run after them for payment … leading to even more awkward conversations.

Clients, on the other hand, might feel misunderstood when their trainer seems to push her priorities over theirs. The might feel relegated to the back of the classroom. They don’t find the words to convey their needs or their unhappiness. They feel misunderstood and it shows in their lack of commitment … or in the review they leave on social media.

Let’s face it, you signed up to train dogs and you’re good! But to run a business, you also need to know how to speak “human,” and also how to listen!

Fear not!!! After more than 12 years working in retail and 3 years helping to run a large-scale dog training company, I have seen all the worst-case scenarios and not only can they be avoided, but they can also be resolved!



  • Introduction
  • Money … It is a thing that exists …
  • Home visits
  • Group classes
  • “Aren’t you young? How long have you been training dogs?” The key to a client’s heart is through … your confidence!
  • “Not that I’m unhappy but … I’m unhappy”
  • Good-byes and wrap up

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