Ugh, People … Handling Difficult Communications with Clients


“I love dogs but their owners sometimes … Uugghhh! The problem isn’t their dog, it’s THEM!” As dog trainers, we take a lot of pride in how well we communicate with our four-legged protégés. But when it comes to their human owners, we sometimes feel like we’re not quite sure how to handle them.

They seem to want a magical solution that will instantly fix all their problems while absolutely refusing to change a thing. They never seem to be happy or, on the contrary, they got overly enthusiastic in class and disrupt everyone. They seem clueless about the subtle messages you try to send them. Even worse, they never want to commit, they negotiate your prices, you have to run after them for payment and, once the money is yours, they ask for refunds, saying they’ll post everywhere on social media how bad and ineffective you are.

We signed up to train dogs and now we have to deal with all these icky, irritating and whiny humans? Fear not, there are solutions! After more than 12 years working in retail and 3 years helping to run a large-scale dog training company, I have seen all the worst possible scenarios and, not only can they be avoided, but they can also be solved!



  • Introduction
  • Money … It is a thing that exists …
  • Home visits
  • Group classes
  • “Aren’t you young? How long have you been training dogs?” The key to a client’s heart is through … your confidence!
  • “Not that I’m unhappy but … I’m unhappy”
  • Good-byes and wrap up

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December 2019


Eve Laforest


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