Walk with Me! Leash Skills for Pet Dogs


This workshop introduces training-based, equipment-based, and movement-based approaches to leash walking. Each method is presented with a case study, introducing you to a client I chose the respective method for, and the reasons we went with that particular technique. You will learn how to decide together with your client which method (or combination of methods) is the best fit for them, as well as how to train and apply each technique, enabling you to go out and put what you’ve learned into practice with your clients and their dogs.


  • Approaches to leash walking: why it makes sense to have more than one up your sleeve
  • Choosing the right method for your clients and their dogs
  • Walk with Me – selected approaches

Section 4: Foundation Training for Pet Dogs

Scheduled to run

March 29, 2020


Chrissi Schranz

Core Class

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